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About the authoress...

Dominique Clarke (Santiago, 1999) Chilean author, passionate about topics such as feminism, sex education and women's literature. She has conducted workshops on sexuality and female pleasure as well as cultural activism for students in Chile. At the age of 20 she published her first book, Mujer Insurgente, for which she conducted interviews with Chilean women, compiling their testimonies. Through these stories she seeks to reflect part of her own and that of many women who identify with them in Latin America and the world.

Clarke is currently studying Literature and Gender Studies in Germany. During her time in Chile, she was also part of  Tremendas Foundation, a collaborative platform to enhance the talent of girls and young people with causes of social impact, based on the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations (UN).


Socials and Contact:

Instagram: @domiclarke

Goodreads: Dominique Clarke

Twitter: @domi_clarke


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