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by Dominique Clarke

«It was reading a reflection of myself and of many women who have passed or are today in my life. This book is a resource to empower other girls and women, mobilizes to fight so that what hurt me, does not hurt any girl anymore.»

Julieta Martínez, founding activist of Tremendas and member of the UN Women Youth Task Force

«The testimonies make it inevitable to empathize with the suffering caused by gender abuse and discrimination. Until the last page, it is a constant opening of the eyes in the face of problems and injustices, which are usually hidden in what is customary and normal.»

Nicolás Acevedo, Psychology Student

“These books are shocking. They have an impact on women, but above all on girls and young women who today will have to carry a flag of struggle for things that we often keep silent about, but that does not mean they deserve not to be heard.»

Gabriela Salvador, Commercial Engineer awarded the Women Economic Forum (WEF) 100 most influential women leaders in the world

«It is a welcoming book, which invites you and accompanies you. Reading it I felt like I was talking to a friend, telling us about our problems and reflecting on the world we live in.»


Martina Orrego, Journalist and Creator of the podcast "M-Mujeres Que Sonan"

«Dominique is an extraordinary author that I hope every woman can read, because her pen heals, hopes and empowers.»


Isabel Margarita Saieg, Author and Activist

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Many times we women feel alone in struggles that millions of us live, but we don´t know it. Mujer Insurgente narrates 9 stories of brave women and how they freed themselves from repression towards their bodies, their motherhood, their work, their way of living as a couple and love, their sexuality, among other topics. The stories cover various forms of daily, normalized repression, with which more than one woman will probably identify…

We want to be heard. We will to be heard.

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